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Apollonia - Biblical Sites in Greece


Acts 17:1


St. Paul and Silas passed through the small village of Apollonia on their way to Thessalonica, and may have lodged there. There is no evidence from Scripture that they preached or ministered there, as they seemed intent on moving directly to Thessalonica.

The village of Apollonia in Macedonia was located along the Via Egnatia some thirty miles west (44 km.) of Amphipolis between the Strymon and the Axius (Vardar) Rivers. The village is recalled in a modern city by the same name today, though archaeologists doubt the location is exact. The wooded region is beautiful, filled with a variety of lakes and riverbeds, an ideal place to restock supplies on a journey.

The name Apollonia was used of many ancient cities and villages. Apollonia of Illyria was perhaps the best known at that time, but not as a city visited by St. Paul and Silas on the recorded journeys in Acts.






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