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Poros Island

Poros holiday: Poros is part of the group of island called Argo-Saronic islands. Like Aegina Island, Hydra Island and Spetses, Poros Island lies in a strategic location, permitting it to have control of both the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf, location from where this group of island took its name (Argo-saronic). Poros Island is separated from the north-eastern coast of the Peloponnese by a narrow channel of about 250 metres. Poros Island, Greece - Athens Package Programs
Poros Island, Greece - Athens Package Programs This proximity made it vulnerable, in the past, to attacks from pirates using it as a base to reach the Peloponnese, as well as plunderer from the mainland; this vulnerability the population of Poros Island was unstable until the 17th century, then the island was sparsely populated until the arrival of Greek refugees from Asia Minor, in 1921.
The Poros Island is the more amorphous of all the islands of the Argo-saronic Gulf; it usually consisted in two islands during antiquity. These islands were the small promontory of ancient Sphaeria (or Sferia) where the today port and capital are lying and the extensive ancient Calauria (Kalavria); both "islands" are connected by a narrow isthmus. Believed to be the island of Poseidon, Poros Island is a beautiful and interesting island and  Poros Island, Greece - Athens Package Programs
Poros Island, Greece - Athens Package Programs has many sights, beaches and a wonderful landscape to offer. Strangely, the island is a bit misunderstood by Greeks and is not a destination as popular as the neighboring Hydra, Spetses and Aegina Island for week-ends and holidays; nevertheless, it has so many undiscovered
and hidden charms that every visitor is sure to be delight by them as soon as he explore the island. Island of peace and romance, Poros Island is full of dense and verdant vegetation and boarded by pebble beaches and crystalline waters: a real oasis for calm and quiet holidays in Poros Island. Poros Island, Greece - Athens Package Programs


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