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The Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus - Biblical Ephesus Tours

The Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus In the middle of fourth century the former market place was converted to a very different function; a great church, a three-aisled, apsed basilica with a narthex and large atrium. The floors were paved with marble and mosaic of geometric design and the wall were faced with marble. Columns of varying heights were reused, based and capitals rarely matched.
The atrium gave an access to a large domed octagonal baptistery. The great basilica was the cathedral of Ephesus, the Church of the Virgin Mary in which the Councils of 431 and 499 were held. In 431, the nature of the Holy Trinity was under discussion. The protagonists were Nestorius, Patriarch of Constantinople and Memnon of Ephesus. The Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus
The Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus The latter was the victorious. "The people of Ephesus were put to good use in the holy disputations. Rioters filled the Agora, surrounded the house where Nestorius was staying. The people of Ephesus waited outside the church from dawn to dark, and gave a shout of joy when they heard the news that Nestorius had been deposed.
When Cyril and Memnon emerged from the church of St. Mary, they were guided to their houses in a triumphal procession with lamps, preceded by women with censers of incense, in celebration, lamps were lit all over the city." It was agreed that Jesus was the Son of God, and thus divine motherhood of Virgin Mary was confirmed. The Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus

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