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Spice Market (Egyptian Bazaar)

The Spice Market, also known as "Egyptian Bazaar" is famous for selling the best spices in Istanbul and Turkey. If you have enough time in Istanbul and like to cook different things you must visit the Spice Market. Egyptian Market - Istanbul
Egyptian Market - Istanbul In the Bazaar you will find an immense selection of spices like saffron, oregano, mint, cinnamon, henna for the hair, special Turkish spices for meat, different kind of pepper...
There are typical Turkish sweets such as "baklava" (a sweet cake made out of honey and milfoil and filled with nuts - pistachios, chestnuts, almonds...), "lokum" (a sweet made out of sugar, flour and again delicious nuts, pistachios, almonds and cut into small square pieces). Egyptian Market - Istanbul
Egyptian Market - Istanbul   Different types of tea like chamomile, island tea or "Ada Cayi" (a special Turkish tea), apple tea, black tea... Pistachio, nuts, Almond, dried fruits such as apricot and grapes...


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