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Surrounded by flowering fields of cherry trees, figs, vines and olives the village is a traditional Turkish Koy of narrow twisting streets, stone and whitewashed houses and terracotta roofs.

Cooled by fragrant pine scented breezes Kirazli is a a world away from the hot and bustling tourist centers of the coastal strip.

Until recently Kirazli was a well kept secret but the fantastic traditional restaurants, clean air, beautiful scenery and hiking trails mean the village is now blossoming as a base from which independent travellers can explore the treasures of the area - breath taking Ephesus, the Cave of Zeus and the diverse and fascinating natural bounty of the National Millipark and the clean coves and beaches of the Aegean coast.

With only around 600 inhabitants Kirazli is a close knit, endlessly fascinating community.

Family ties are strong throughout the village and everyone works together to bring in the various harvests and stage the festivals that occur throughout the year.

The few European's who have chosen to move permanently to this lovely valley have been welcomed and integrated into the village and are valued as contributors to the community as a whole.

Kirazli has a modern and forward thinking village council led by Muhtar Huseyin Bey, and they are sensible and open in welcoming new blood into the community.

Now a certified organic village Kirazli is actively promoting sustainable farming, encouraging self sufficiency and diversity amongst the local farmers and under a co-operative scheme and their own label marketing the village cottage industries that produce organic jams, preserves and oils.

A weekly farmers market on a Sunday showcases the organic produce and is a popular stopping off point after a traditional Sunday breakfast in one of the local restaurants.


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