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Regions of Turkey

A country of sun and history, Turkey is located where the three continents making up the old world, Asia, Africa and Europe are closest to each other and straddle the point where Europe and Asia meet.

Because of its geographical location, the mainland, Anatolia, has witnessed the mass migration of diverse peoples shaping the course of history. The home to countless civilizations, Anatolia has developed a unique synthesis of cultures, each with its own distinct identity, yet each linked to its predecessors through insoluble treads.

We organized our site so that you can discover each of seven different geographical regions individually or you can check out the activities you might be interested during your visit to Turkey.

Whether you are an art and history buff, an archaeology nut or a nature lover, enjoy browsing through markets or going diving, the different regions of Turkey offer endless possibilities all year round. Each area has its own personality, history, landscape and even cuisine, and with so much on offer to visitors it is not surprising that one trip to Turkey is never enough.

Surrounded by four different seas, Turkey is a beach paradise with over 8000 km of sunny strips of sand. It also has an abundance of plant and wildlife species that can be enjoyed while camping or trekking in the many national parks which are dotted around the country.

Home to more than 20 different fascinating civilizations, Turkey has a 10,000 year-old heritage, much of which is still being uncovered. Its rich history is very much part of the present, with temples, ancient theatres, churches, mosques, tombs, statues of gods, palaces and fortresses, and of course the many detailed and fascination museums which bring the past to life.

And of course in cities like Istanbul, there is a modern, lively ambience of contemporary society living alongside tradition, where art and music can be enjoyed whether it belongs to today or yesteryear.

Marmara Region
Aegean Region
Marmara Region of Turkey Istanbul embraces two continents, one arm reaching out to Asia, the other to Europe.
Through the city's...
Turkey's Aegean shores are among the loveliest landscapes in the country. The magnificent... Aegean Region of Turkey
Mediterranean Region
Central Anatolia Region
Mediterranean Region of Turkey In Antalya, the pine-clad Toros (Taurus) Mountains sweep down to the sparkling clear sea... The central Anatolian plateau, ochre-hued, cleft by ravines and dominated by volcanic peaks, forms the... Central Anatolia Region of Turkey
Black Sea Region
Eastern Anatolia Region
Black Sea Region of Turkey The vibrant green of Turkey's lush, humid Black Sea Coast surprises those who imagine the country... The Toros (Taurus) Mountains paralleling Turkey's southern border, and the Black Sea Mountains in... Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey
South Eastern Anatolia Region
South Eastern Anatolia Region of Turkey The Southeastern Anatolian Region has a very rich history and cultural heritage, as can be seen in its....


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