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Acropolis of Athens

Ancient Athens Tour

Ancient Athens Tour starts
Ancient Athens Tour includes:

- Pick up from Piraeus Port or from your hotel
- Few places in the world can claim the history and
  culture that has influenced so many. This in depth
  tour will allow you an enhanced visit to the famed
  sites in a smaller more intimate group - a full
  comprehensive look both into the past and future of
  this remarkable city as well as participating in a
  traditional "Yevma" - Greek lunch.
- By the end of the tour, drive back to Piraeus Port or
  to your hotel.

Duration: approx. 7 hours

Acropolis - Athens / Greece
Acropolis - Athens / Greece


Acropolis - The Acropolis dominates the Athenian landscape. A walk up approximately 80 steep steps through the Propylaea leads to the Parthenon, the Erechteion, and the graceful Porch of the Caryatids.

Propylaea - Extending 150-feet across the western face of the Acropolis. Adjacent to the entrance stands the Temple of Athena Nike (or Wingless Victory).

Parthenon - Located beyond the Propylaea on the highest point of the Acropolis stands the Parthenon. Dedicated to the Virgin Athena, the white pentelic marble temple was built 447 - 437 B.C.
Propylea - Athens / Greece
Erectheion - Athens / Greece

Erechteion - A temple honoring Athena and the sea god Poseidon. The graceful Porch of the Caryatids features columns of marble maidens supporting the roof of the temple.

Acropolis Museum - An impressive museum houses artifacts found on the Sacred Acropolis Hill.

Ancient Agora - Located at the base of the Acropolis, this was once a sprawling market and public meeting place.

Stoa of Attalus Museum - This small museum houses many of the artifacts from the Agora such as vases, coins, sculptures and statues. Interestingly the Stoa began as a marble colonnaded arcade built by Attalus II

Ancient Agora - Athens / Greece
King of Pergamon and was reconstructed by the American Archaeological Society in the 1950's.
Thission Temple - Athens / Greece

Thission Temple - Perched high on a hill the temple creates an impressive scene as it overlooks the once thriving Agora below. The perfectly preserved Doric Temple was dedicated to the Gods Hephaestus and Athena and was later converted to a Christian Chapel and remained so till only 150 years ago.


Temple of Olympian Zeus - Just behind Hadrian's Arch which separates Classical from Roman Athens, lie the remains of the largest Temple of Antiquity. Dedicated to the King and father of the Gods, Zeus - it took a mammoth 700 years to complete.

Temple of Olympian Zeus - Athens / Greece
Acropolis - Athens / Greece


A delicious Greek lunch with wine will be served after your visit of the Acropolis area.


Board your private vehicle for a short drive to the heart of Athens. Your narrated drive passes a host of major sites, including Hadrian's Arch, the statue of Lord Byron, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, Constitution Square, the former Royal Palace, the National Gardens, the Academy and the University Library.

Parliament Building - Athens / Greece

- Visiting Acropolis includes walking approximately 1 mile over uneven and cobblestone surfaces with inclines and steps. Comfortable walking shoes, comfortable clothing, a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent are recommended. Guests should watch their step at all times in order to avoid injuries.
- Temperatures can reach extreme highs during summer months; we recommend that you drink a lot of water and use suitable sun protection.


- The tour includes the professional licensed tour guide, all entrance fees, private air-conditioned transportation and VAT.
- Rates are based on per person.

2 pax 4 pax 6 pax 8 pax 10 pax

353$ pp 219$ pp 188$ pp 164$ pp 148$ pp
- As the number of participant increases the certain amount of discount will be applied.
- Please contact us for your group requests.
- Lunch is not included in the price.


- If you book any tour in Athens together with any Ephesus tour, then you will have per person 5 % discount on your Ephesus tour.


- In the event of cancellation, written notice must be received by Meander Travel at least three days before the arrival in order to receive the full refund.
- In the event of no show, 100% cancellation fee will apply.


Ancient Athens Tour ends
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