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Gulet Cruises - Sample Gulet Sailing Itineraries



Day 1 Rhodes
  Embark the boat in Rhodes. Some believe the Colossus once straddled the smallest of Rhodes Town's three harbors sixteen sailing miles south of Byzantine Creek and one hour by air from Athens. But it's certain this is the port from which Hospitaller Knights of the order of Saint John of Jerusalem sallied forth in fast red-hulled black-prowed galleys to ravage infidel shipping and coastal towns, until 1523 when the infidels threw them out. The Hospitaller castle remains, however, and is a major attraction as is the old town surrounding it. A variety of pedestrian cuisine which changes from year to year as restaurateurs retire to Long Island and Philadelphia, but Ta Kioupia in Ialissos is long established and highly regarded, while Romios Restaurant in the old town (near the minaret) offers a superior mom-and-pop fare. Port of Entry.
Day 2 Simi
  Simi Town itself has a special charm with neo-classical homes of long-gone sea captains climbing steep harbor slopes. From the heights above Simi Town see the straits in which the Spartan fleet in 411 BC trapped the Athenian fleet, beginning a six-year decline in Athenian maritime dominance culminating in final defeat at Aegospotami. See as well remains of the monument (tropaion) erected to celebrate the local victory (just beyond the last windmill). The best taverna dining in Simi may be had at Meraklis one block south of the harbor.
Day 3 Datca
  Sail to Datca after breakfast. After a swimming break at the magnificent bays on the way, enter Datca marina in the afternoon. The completion of customs formalities after free time and you can visit to city. Overnight at harbor or bay.
Day 4 Loryma - Marmaris
  Before breakfast Departure to Loryma the fortress here dates from the third century BC while the two acropolei are Chersonese and centuries older. The anchorage during the fourth century BC harbored the Persian fleet of Conon the Athenian while it prepared to end Sparta's sea supremacy in a battle fought off old Knidos. The seafood at Coban Ali's can be surprisingly good, and one of the statue bases in his back yard may well have supported a bronze Conon. Meanwhile the swimming and kayaking in clear water over a sand bottom doesn't get much better. After lunch sail to serce bay or Marmaris. If serce you have to be sail half hour but Marmaris is 3.5 hour.

If you want to go Marmaris; After lunch sail to Marmaris. Marmaris is Ancient Physcus Bazaar town full of crafty rug merchants, beach tourists, and waterfront restaurants. Fine doner kebap and exquisite pizza (at La Vita Bella Ristorante). In 480 BC, however, voyeurs watched Artemisia the Elder outfit (some of fifty) galleys for the Persian Xerxes, each about 128' in length and propelled by 170 Carian oarsmen. Overnight in port or bay.

Day 5 Ekincik
  Departure to Ekincik, anchor for breakfast. Transfer to a small fishing boat and sail to the delta of Dalaman River, to Iztuzu - Caretta Caretta beach. The channel, which twists and winds Its way all the way up to Koycegiz Golu, takes on another meaning with magnificent scenery of the reedy marshes and Lycian rock tombs.

After wandering around the Caunos ruins and visiting the curative mud baths, the romantic return to the sea is bound to remain etched in your memories for the rest of your lives. Afternoon back to boat overnight in Ekincik.
Day 6 Gocek
  Before breakfast departure to Aga Limani Bay. After breakfast sail to the Gulf of Gocek and visit Cleopatra Bay, Wall Bay and Tomb Bay. Overnight in Gocek island or Yassica Islands.
Day 7 Gocek
  After breakfast sail to harbor. Disembark at the marina in Gocek.





Day 1 Marmaris
  Board your gulet yacht at the harbor of Marmaris. You will be served your welcome drinks followed by a briefing on the the tour while you meet other voyagers that will join the sailing experience with you.
Day 2 Ekincik Bay
  Leaving Marmaris, you will reach Ekincik Bay by noon where you will have lunch. In the afternoon you will be touring the ruins of Caunos which will impress you with its location and its state of preservation. See also the Sulphur baths (Baths of Cleopatra) and the rock-carved tombs on the cliffs. In the late afternoon you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Izsu beach where Carretta Carretta turtles lay their eggs once every year. Dinner and overnight on deck in Ekincik.
Day 3 Manastir Bay of Cleopatra & Hamam Cove
  Today you will have various swimming and snorkeling breaks around Manastir Bay of Cleopatra and Hamam Cove. Dinner and overnight on deck.
Day 4 Yassica Islands
  It is another day of joy on the Turqouise coloured waters of the Aegean Sea. Enjoy swimming and snorkeling experinces around Tersane and Yassica Islands. Overnight in Gocek Bay or Fethiye. You will have the chance to see the ancient rock tombs of Telmessos.
Day 5 Gemiler Adasi or Bektas Cove
  After a short sail you will reach the famous Dead Sea where yachts are not permitted to sail in. Docking at the boundaries you will have a memorable swimming break. Dinner and overnight on deck at Gemiler Adasi or Bektas Cove from where you can have a walking tour to the abandoned Greek village, Karmilassos, famous for its architecture.
Day 6 Ekincik Bay
  This morning you will sail for about 3,5 hours and reach one of the coves around Ekincik Bay. Spending the afternoon leisurely, you will have your dinner and overnight on deck at the cove.
Day 7 Inceada Gebeklise Island
  Sail for two hours before you arrive at Inceada-Gebekilise Island. In the afternoon , you will have breaks at Kadirga and Kumlubuk and reach Turunc where you will have your dinner and overnight on deck
Day 8 Marmaris
  After breakfast "Blue Voyage" terminates at Marmaris.





Day 1 Bodrum
  Embark your yacht in the Harbor of Bodrum. You will receive information about the yacht and the itinerary of the cruise with our "welcome cocktail". Dinner and overnight in the Harbor of Bodrum.
Day 2 Knidos - Palamutbuku
  Following the clearance formalities in the early morning, departure to Knidos a strategically important city in the 4th Century BC, and it was one of six cities forming a league called the Dorian Hexapolis. It can be considered as the point which separates the Aegean from the Mediterranean Coast of Turkey. After cruising about 3 hours from Bodrum, the yacht will drop anchor in one of two ancient harbors in Knidos. After lunch and a long afternoon in Knidos, departure to Palamutbuku. Dinner and overnight in nearby Palamutbuku Bays as the Knidos Harbor is unfortunately relatively unprotected from the wind.
Day 3 Kargi - Inceburun - Datca
  After breakfast, cruising to Kargi or Inceburun for lunch and swimming. In late afternoon, a cruise about one hour to the Harbor of Datca and drop anchor towards the evening. Dinner and overnight in the Harbor of Datca or in a nearby bay if you prefer to have a more peaceful night.
Day 4 Catal island - Kizil Island - Ekincik
  Depart for an early cruise of about 3 hours to Catal Island or Kizil Island in the morning. After lunch and a long afternoon there, cruise to Ekincik Bay. Dinner and overnight in one of the bays of Ekincik.
Day 5 Caunos - Iztuzu - Ekincik
  Breakfast in Ekincik Bay where you can have an (optional) river boat trip to the ancient city of Caunos, the rock tombs of the Lycian Kings, the mud baths and the Beach of Iztuzu, famous for the sea turtles called Caretta Caretta,. This is an all day journey to the labyrinth of the Delta of the Dalyan River surrounded with thick vegetation of reeds. Dinner and overnight in one of the bays of Ekincik.
Day 6 Aga Limani Bay - Manastir Bay - Gocek
  Cruise before breakfast to the Fethiye Gulf that allows sailing in early hours. There is a constant counter wind in later hours. Arrival to Aga Limani Bay after a cruise of about 4 hours from Ekincik. After lunch and swimming in Aga Limani, a short cruise to Manastir Bay known as Cleopatra Bath or Sunken Bath Bay in the local culture. View the underwater bath ruins from the ancient city Lydae. Continue a short cruise to the Harbor of Gocek surrounded by pine trees, for dinner and overnight.
Day 7 Gocek
  A long & relax day in numerous small and secret bays of Gocek.
Day 8 Gocek
  Disembark your gulet in Gocek after an early breakfast.


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