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Aya Yorgi Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchy Church

It is in Fener, between Sadrazam Ali Pasa Road and Incebel Street. Greek Orthodox Patriarchy is located in the yard of this church. The patriarchy was moved into Aya Yorgi Church, which was used as a monastery in 16th century, in 1602.

From that date, it was destroyed in parts due to many causes and repaired. Last time it was greatly destroyed during the fire in 1941 and the repairs which began in 1989 was completed in 1991. The church is not a very valuable and impressive by means of architecture.

However, it has very valuable things on display. The patriarch throne, which is said to have a history dating back to 5th century, three mosaic icons which is one of the rare examples in the world, a column to which Jesus is claimed to be tied and whipped and tombs of three female saints are the most important ones.


















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