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Surp Krior Lusarovich Armenian Orthodox Church

It is in Karakoy, Sakizcilar Street No:3. It the oldest Armenian Church in Istanbul. A text from 1360 mentions another church with the name of Surp Sarkis in the place of the present church. The present church was built in 1431.

The church which has undergone repairs many times through its history was first partly then completely destroyed during the road construction between Karakoy and Tophane in 1958. After that, in 1965, it was reconstructed by Architect Bedros Zobyan a little further from its previous location.

Krikor Lusarovich, which is one of the churches built in Republic period has a special place among Armenian churches with its cone-shaped dome.

It is one of the few churches in Istanbul with a dome in this shape. The bell tower adjacent to the entrance has traces of classic Armenian church architecture style.

In the church whose interior is adorned with the china which belonged to the destroyed church, few paintings were used for decorating purposes.

The interior lighting is made by few number of narrow windows peculiar to Armenian church style.














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