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Hunting in Turkey

Geographic structure of Turkey, is appropriate for development of hunt tourism in connection with its plant cover and wild life. Hunting grounds, which will be opened to hunting tourism, with considering the hunting animals potential of our country, are determined and announced by Ministry of Forests (National Parks, Hunting and Wild Life General Directorate).

Foreign tourist hunters, can hunt with Hunting Tourism Permission Certificate, issued to A Class Tourism Agencies by Ministry of Forest. Also, foreign tourist hunters can only hunt species, breed and set free here within private hunting grounds approved by Ministry of Forest, National Parks and Hunt - wild Life General Directorate.

Foreign tourist hunters, who can hunt by means of Tourism Agencies, according to the related decision of MAK (Central Hunt Commission) and regulation related with the application of 6136 Numbered Law, can bring their hunting guns and accessories together with them.

In Hunting Permission Certificates; name, surname, nationality of the hunter who will participate hunting party, dates and customs offices, when and where he will enter and exit our country, hunting grounds, dates of hunt and hunting animal species and numbers that he can hunt, are mentioned.


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