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Silk Road in Turkey

Silk industry, had taken a very important place of various nations from ancient times; and silk and spice coming from Far East, had played an important role for Western world in international relations. Silk is also maintained the identification of Eastern Culture by Western societies.

Transportation of silk and spice of east via caravans, is formed the commercial roads reaching to Europe from China. In Medieval Age, commercial caravans, had started to their voyages from today's Chinese Xian city, and reach to the Kashgar city of Uzbekistan; they were reaching to Hazar Sea from Afghanistan plains with following the first one of the roads separated into two there; and to Anatolia over Iran with climbing over Karakorum Mountains with other one. They were going to Europe via road over Thrace or via maritime lines from Anatolia.

In this commercial movement improving from east to west, a road network, used since previous ages, had been benefited. These thousands of kilometers long caravan roads, which allow cultural relations between continents besides dense transportation of silk, porcelain, paper, spice and jewelry, are named as "Silk Road" in the course of time.

Silk Road, beyond being a commercial road connecting Asia to Europe, is holding the signs of cultures, religions and races, who lived in the region for 2000 years, and serves an extraordinary history and cultural wealth.

After gaining of independence of Middle Asia Turkish Republics, re - animation of silk road both as a commercial road and also a historical and cultural value is considered, and works for protection and existence of structures which are constructed throughout this road but not used today with giving them new functions, is commenced.


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