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Winter Sports in Turkey

The mountains ski, a new type of winter sports, becoming increasingly popular in the world is also developing in Turkey.

Our mountains, still well preserved where the snow stays at least for 5 to 6 months, offer a rich multitude of possibilities for this sport which gives the pleasure of alpinism and skiing at the same time. The bost frequented itineraries are nowadays, those of Nigde-Aladaglar, Bolkar Daglari, Kayseri-Erciyes and Erzurum-Palandoken.

The Sun of Anadolu, well known since thousands of years, is inviting you to admire the snow covered slopes of our mountains, from November to May, especially from February on. The well know resorts:

Agri - Bubi Mountain
Ankara - Elmadag
Antalya - Saklikent
Bingol - Yolacti
Bitlis - Center
Bolu - Kartalkaya
Bursa - Uludag
Elazig - Sivrice - Hazarbaba
Erzincan - Bolkar
Erzurum - Palandoken
Gumushane - Zigana
Isparta - Davraz
Izmir - Odemis - Bozdag
Kastamonu - Ilgaz
Kars - Sarikamis
Kayseri - Erciyes


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