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Ciragan Palace - Palaces in Istanbul

Most beautiful places of Bosphorus and Golden Horn are allotted for palace and mansions to sultans and important persons. Most of these are vanished in the course of time. A big palace, Ciragan is burned on 1910.

Architect Serkis Balyan is appointed to construct the Palace by Sultan Abdulaziz on 1871 on the ruins of old palace. Intermediate division and ceiling of the structure, which is cost four million golden coins within four years is covered with wood, and walls are covered with marble.

Columns, which are the superior samples of the masonry, are completing rich adorned places. Rooms are decorated with rare carpets, furniture, golden silvering and nacre unit works. Like the other palaces of the Bosphorus Ciragan Palace was also hosted for an important meeting.

There were colored marble decorated sides, monumental gates and connected to Yildiz Palace, which is at the back side via a bridge.

Street side is surrounded by high walls. Ruin, which remained as a residue for years, had been enlivened as a result of great repairs, and turned into a 5 star, beautiful hotel with the additions made to its side.













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