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The Bosphorus, one of the most important water passages of the world... Maybe this "importance" of the Bosphorus is equaled in the world, but regarding its spectacular beauty, no other sea, no river, no strait can ever be mentioned... The Strait of Istanbul, or with its word-wide known name "The Bosphorus" has a very interesting myth:

The king of the Gods, strongest of the strong, Zeus is after flirting again. This time, his lover is a beauty named Io. One day, when Zeus and Io are having fun up in the skies, Zeus' jealous wife, Hera suspects that something is going on. When Hera is heading to where Zeus is, Zeus covers the skies with clouds to prevent Hera from seeing Io. But Hera insists on her doubts; she blows to the clouds and scatters them.

Upon this, Zeus, who does not have any chance to deceive his wife, turn his love Io into an ox. Hera still does not believe even though she sees an ox in place of a woman, she is sure that Zeus is up to something.

Then Hera sends dangerous flies and bugs towards Io, disguised as an ox. Io, the ox, is so disturbed that she starts to run from Aegean Sea to the Black Sea, leaving behind a strait and and her name, Bosphorus which means an ox passageway...

Every district, every region overlooking the Bosphorus bears a different beauty, a different quality. To discover these beauties, we recommend you first to take a voyage or a boat trip and smell these beautiful coasts from a distance. Then you can take a closer look at them. Here are some major stops from the Bosphorus...














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