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Yildiz Palace

It is a mansions and gardens complex within courtyards surrounded by high walls, which are distributed on a wide area, covering hills and valleys, reigning Bosphorus. This second biggest palace of Istanbul, is allotted for different services today, and remained with its divided condition.

Yildiz Palace, is a mansion compound, initially constructed by mother of IIIrd Selim, Mihrisah Sultan. IInd Mahmut had constructed a second mansion with Yildiz name, and this name is then passed to the whole group, constructed during Abdulmecit, Abdulaziz and Abdulhamit's reign.

Mansions become much more during Sultan Abdulaziz period, Malta, Cit, Cadir, Sale Mansions had been constructed, and grove is arranged without disturbing the original condition in master gardeners. Sultan Abdulhamit, had lived here for 32 years, during his 33 years of reign, he had used this city inside a city like protected palace as governmental authority and harem.

In addition to Administration Divisions, there are lots of divisions and a mosque within Yildiz Palace. It is completed at the end of 19th century during IInd Abdulhamit period. The Sale, the largest and most exquisite of the buildings, reveals the luxury in which the sultans lived and entertained, Set in a huge park of flowers, shrubs and trees gathered from every part of the world, the palace grounds offer one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the Bosphorus.

Because of restoration work, only the Sale and park are open to the public.

(Open every day except Tuesday).










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