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National Archeological Museum of Athens

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It is the most important archaeological museum in Greece and one of the richest in the world concerning ancient Greek art. Its collections are representative of all the cultures that flourished in Greece. The construction of the museum was begun in 1866 and completed in 1889 with the gradual addition of the west wing in 1874, of the north in 1881, of the south in 1885 and finally, of the east wing. National Archeological Museum of Athens
The building was erected in a large plot donated by Helen Tositsa, with the financial support of Demetrios and Nicolaos Vernardakis, the Archaeological Society and the Greek state. The building of the museum was originally designed by the architect Ludwig Lange but his plans
National Archeological Museum of Athens were partially modified by Panages Kalkos and later, by Harmodios Vlachos and Ernst Ziller, who completely rearranged the facade and changed the plan of the east wing and the central hall. Two additions were made on the east side of the building; a new wing was constructed in the early 20th century based on the plans of Anastasios Metaxas and a two-storeyed building, designed by G. Nomikos, was erected in 1932-39.
The museum contains collections of :

- Prehistoric items
- Sculpture
- Pottery and Minor art
- Bronzes
- Egyptian Art

National Archeological Museum of Athens
Other important activities:

Temporary exhibitions

The National Archeological Museum organizes and presents temporary exhibitions, as well as participates in the presentation of temporary exhibitions abroad.
National Archeological Museum of Athens

Lectures on archaeological topics

Organized by the National Archeological Museum and sponsored by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture-ICOM and the Society of the Friends of the National Museum.

Shop of the Archaeological Receipts Fund

Guide-books, post-cards, slides, archaeological publications, posters, casts, copies, maps, videotapes and toys are sold.

Project TOMBA

The National Museum participates in the project TOMBA, an Internet image data base, supported by the European Commission, with special reference to burials of the Mycenaean period.

Educational Programs

Educational programs for students of Primary schools take place in the halls of the museum, as part of the "Melina" Project, a joint project of the Hellenic Ministries of Culture and Education.


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