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Within the sprawling city of Athens it is easy to imagine the golden age of Greece when Pericles had the Parthenon (the most eminent monument of the ancient Greek architecture) built. When the tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides were performed in the Theater of Dionysus.

Athens - Greece
And when democracy brought all citizens together to decide their common fate on the Pnyx Hill. Athens is built around the Acropolis and the pinnacled crag of Mt. Lycabettus, which the goddess Athena was said to have dropped from the heavens as a bulwark to defend the city. (Athens currently has over four million inhabitants). The suburbs have covered the barren plain in all directions and the city is packed with lively taverns and bustling shops.

Dominating the Athenian landscape, the Acropolis is unsurpassed in its beauty, architectural splendor and historic importance. The entrance to the Acropolis is the Propylaea (designed by Mnesycles, and constitutes an original architectural composition of great importance), which extends 150 feet adjoining the Temple of Athena Nike or Wingless Victory (which was built from 430 to 424-3 BC).

The Parthenon is situated on the highest part of the Acropolis and was built between 447 and 437 BC and reflects the values and the objectives of the Athenian State at the time. It was here that modern democracy began its early foothold.

Piraeus - Greece


Piraeus is Greece's third largest city in terms of population and its biggest port. It was first settled in the ages of Themistocles, when the Long Walls were built (478 BC), and the town was being laid out to the plans of the architect Hippodamus. It gained considerably in importance when Athens became a naval power. The

ancient harbors of Piraeus were Zea and Munichia. Zea, now called Pasalimani, is one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean. Munichia, also known as Mikrolimano or Tourkolimano, is a pretty little harbor with yachts and fishing-boats and ringed with fish tavernas. Above Mikrolimano is the hill of Kastella, much mentioned in popular songs, with its traditional houses and offers a panoramic view.

Above it is the Church of the Prophet Elijah and the Veakeio Theatre, well known for its summer performances, is nearby situated. The commercial harbor of Piraeus is one of the most important in the Mediterranean. The city itself with its suburbs is an industrial zone of particular importance for the Greek economy, but nevertheless its center has broad streets, spacious squares, tree-lined avenues, and parks.


Vouliagmeni is a beautiful and picturesque peninsula, situated on the eastern edge of Athens (just 20 Km from the center of Athens), known from the famous lake with the mineral water spa and an outstanding mild climate that makes all-year round holidays possible.

Vouliagmeni - Greece
Plaka - Greece


Plaka originates from the days of the Greek revolution. Under the Acropolis, Plaka was built by the first construction workers that come from Anafi cycladic island and built Athens main buildings. The settlement of Anafiotika was created in the 19th century by migrants from the Cycladic island of Anafi.

They built their houses on the steep slopes of the Acropolis in their traditional island style. Thus, they created a small village with white-washed houses and narrow paths between them. The village comes complete with a tiny church dedicated to St George. A closer look will reveal that the marble used for the construction of the church was taken from an ancient temple.


Syntagma (constitution in Greek) is the square in front of the Parliament (formerly the King's Palace, built between 1836 and 1840 by King Otto and financed by his father Ludwig I of Bavaria) and it is considered the main square of Athens.

Syntagma Square - Athens - Greece
The square is a central point to access all the major attractions of Athens, particularly 'museum mile' along Vassilissis Sophias Avenue which runs from Syntagma Square.

Here most of Athens museums are clustered, including the Benaki Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art and the Byzantine Museum. At the west (bottom) part of Syntagma square is the beginning of Ermou street (the main shopping district of Athens) that leads to Monastiraki square.

Varkiza - Greece


A beautiful suburb of Athens with a sandy beach on the way to Sounion.


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