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Cengelkoy is one of the ancient and nice district of residence in the Bosphorus. The district is located around a wide cove between Beylerbeyi and Vanikoy is under the administration of Uskudar. In Cengelkoy where many mansions and summer residences were built in Ottoman period, few of those still exist.

Cengelkoy which is still one of the most beautiful spots in the Bosphorus is also famous for its orchards. Though the constructions in its surroundings veil its beauty, its small cucumbers nicknamed as Cengelkoy almonds, with beloved Cinaralti and its name given since many hooks (cengel) were seen on the coast after the conquest of Istanbul define the district.

Its small and fresh cucumbers which once grew in the famous orchards of the district, now unfortunately grow in Kandira. The reason is that now there is no place for it in this small and cute district. You can now find the freshest cucumbers, once sold in the displays by the road, in Cengelkoy Grocery Store.
















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