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Ortakoy is probably a district envied by other districts in the Bosphorus. It is located in such a beautiful spot...

With its cafes stretching along the coasts, the bars in just one street from the back, street bazaars, the famous Ortakoy Mosque on its side, sellers of kumpir, gozleme and mussels side by side, Ortakoy is a popular place not only with Turkish and foreign tourists but also with its own residents...

(Kumpir is a word used in Istanbul for "baked potatoes". Gozleme is a type of fast-food made by placing minced meat, cheese, potato between thin home made bread and cooking it on sheet metal oven).

The history of Ortakoy is as old as sultans' using here as their summer residence... If you pass by the area, come to Ortakoy, one of the places where you can best view the Bosphorus, and enjoy it with your tea cup on your hand...
















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