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Kanlica's being both a typical and a humble Bosphorus district, and its keeping this identity for a long time, its yogurt and authentic structure make it a major district worth seeing. Kanlica district is actually an old fishing village...

Now that there are no more villages in Istanbul, it has become one of the districts of Istanbul. We mentioned its yogurt, yes, even the locals of Istanbul come here in their free time just to eat yogurt. We do not know the reason but Kanlica's yogurt has a specifically delicious taste.

Kanlica yogurt which is made by mixture of buffalo, cow and sheep milk was originally served by cutting it with a knife. The yogurt which is told to remain solid even when spilled to ground, keeps its distinct taste though not much as in the old times.

Briefly, if you are visiting the Bosphorus, have a break in Kanlica for a nice fresh weather!
















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