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While extending from Marmara to the Black Sea on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, an old Istanbul district Uskudar, which had the privilege of having the company of Kiz Kulesi (Maiden's Tower)...

Today, Uskudar is hosting the docks and shipyards of Khalkedon (Kadikoy) whose history is extending to 7. century B.C., just opposite of where Byzas originally built his later-to-be-an-Empire colony. And back at those times, this pleasant district was called Hrisopolis, meaning Golden City.

The root of this name has been interpreted in several ways. It is said that the name is given because the gold collected as tax from tribes in Anatolian Peninsula and the people were kept here during the Persian invasion.

Another interpretation is that Agamennon's son Krizes had run away and came to Anatolia and died in Uskudar, thus giving his name to the city. Some say that Uskudar was given the name Golden City since in sunset the houses appear like gilded from the opposite side.

How did the name Hrisopolis later changed to Skutarion? This name transformed by constantly being used in Turkish language and turned into "Uskudar". There also various theories on how the name Hrisopolis changed to Skutarion.

According to one, this word stemmed from "skitos" which in Greek means raw or processed leather, because in ancient times shields were made from leather and the shielded guards of the empires were stationed in Uskudar.

Today's modern Uskudar is one of the major districts of Istanbul both with its rich cultural heritage it preserves to date and the recreational places it offers...












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