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Flora-Fauna in Samos Island


The vegetation of the island is extremely dense and diverse, fact that renders Samos unique amongst other Aegean islands.

The Pine forests cover 20% of the island's surface. In the mount Karvounis, from an altitude of 700m and above we encounter the Black Pine Tree, which becomes the dominant specie at 850m altitudes and above. This is rare specie of Pine used in building sea vessels. The Black Pine accounts for 15% of the forest area of Samos.

The Mediterranean bush vegetation (1m-3m height) is found from the sea level until 600m-700m altitudes. The main species are: the wild olive tree, the cedar tree, the carob, the mullein and others.

The short bush Mediterranean vegetation (up to 0,50m height) is found in rocky mountain slopes or in forests. The main species are: the thyme and a variety of thorn bushes. The presence of rare wild orchids is also notable.

The high altitude Mediterranean vegetation is encountered in the mountains of Karvounis and Kerkis, in altitudes over 900m-1000m. The main species here are the picked bushes such as Jeniperus phoenicea and Jeniperus oxycedus. In the same areas we find the: Alissum samium, Erodium sibihorpianum ssp.Vetteri, Aspedula samia, Thymus samius, Anthemis rosea ssp. Rosea, Centaurea xylobasis.

In the canyons of Samos we encounter the platanus occidentalis, which reaches the springs of the rivers. The bush vegetation in these areas is composed by the oleander, the osier, the vine, the ivy etc.

In the rocky beaches we find the species crithimum maritimum, silene sp., and some of the Limonium family. In the sandy beaches we find the: centaura sriniza, sansola kali, mathiola tricuspitala,athemis tomentosa, as well as different species of the tamarix family.



Regarding the fauna existing in Samos, it presents many similarities with the one on the Mykali Peninsula in the coasts of Asia Minor.

Some of the mammals encountered are: the rabbit, the jackal, the wild boar, the bat and the badger. In the sea around Samos there are seals and dolphins.

There are both sea and land turtles and snakes. The biggest snake is the tree snake whose length often exceeds two meters. The only venomous snakes, that exist in Samos, are the viper and the asp.

There are many species of lizards in Samos such as geckoes, chameleons, and the Lacerta anatolica Aegean lizard, which can only be found in Samos and the coast of Asia Minor.
Regarding the fauna existing in Samos, it presents many similarities with the one on the Mykali Peninsula in the coasts of Asia Minor.

From the family of amphibians there are: toads, different species of frogs and tree frogs.

In Samos there are 139 species of birds 39 of which remain in the island throughout the year. Some of them are: the hawk, the grouse, the owl, the spine, the wild pigeon and so on.

In the island there are 69 known species of butterflies.


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