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Practical Information About Samos

All flights land at Samos Airport, on the outskirts of Pythagorion about 15 kilometers from Samos Town. Tel: 22730 61219

Daily scheduled flights connect Samos to Athens Airport. The journey takes 45 minutes. There are also direct flights to England, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 08:30-14:30
The following banks are available in Samos Town:
Commercial bank
National Bank of Greece
Alpha Bank
Agriculture Bank
Piraeus Bank.

The above listed banks also have branches in the main tourist resorts on the island.

Post Office: Handles letters and parcels.

Telecommunication center (OTE). All national and international calls can be made from a public telephone, using cards available from most Kiosks and the Post office. Using a public telephone is generally cheaper than calling from a Hotel.

The monetary unit of Greece is Euro. There are coins of 1,2,5 ,10, 20, 50 cent 1,2 euro and banknotes of 5, 10, 20 , 50 , 100 and 200 Euro.

Foreign currencies can be changed into euros at any local bank, most Hotels and many of the travel Agencies.

Samos Hospital: (22730) 27407, 24601, 27426, 24602, 24603
Karlovassi Hospital: (22730) 32222, 34559, 34561,33070

A number of unexpected items can be found in Greek kiosks (called in Greek peripteron). Apart from magazines, newspapers, cigarettes, postcards, you can also buy shoe-laces and polish, thread, buttons etc. Open all day they are very useful when other shops are closed.

There are always several laundries/dry cleaners in each small town. The service is good and prices reasonable.

You will need either an international driving license or a European driving license.

Do not take any photographs of any military installations or policemen etc. You will find that your film will be confiscated. Please check first if you can take photos in museums and churches. Remember if you want to take any pictures of local people, it is only polite to ask first!

Please note that there is one pharmacy stand by for emergencies every day from 13:00 till the following morning. For name and address check with the nearest pharmacy. There will be a notice on in the window, detailing who is open.

Although Greece is now a common market country, the midday pause remains hallowed. In the high season most shops and businesses close, and cities like Athens shift into low gear between 13:00 - 17:00

Tennis: At many hotels. There is also a tennis club at Possidonion.
Windsurfing: In Kokkari on the main beach.
Water-skiing: Possible at many beaches on the island.
Jet skiing: Available in both Ireon and Potokaki.

Taxis bear the sign taxi on the roof. You can get one of them anywhere in the city. Although there is a Taxi rank in the main square in Samos Town. All of them have meters.

N.B. A call out charge is levied when calling a Taxi to collect you from a specific destination.





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