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Ikaria Island


Know by many names in antiquity, the island was called Ikaria because according to myth it was here that Icarus fell into the sea and was buried. Some legends maintain that the god Dionysos was born here. Colonized by the Ionians in the 8th century BC, it later fell to the Persinas.

Ikaria Island - Greece
Ikaria Island - Greece After the 4th century BC little mention is made of Ikaria in historical documents. It was ceded to Venice by the Byzantines, occupied by the Turks in 1567 and united with Greece in 1912.

Ikaria is best know for its radioactive hot springs. A small archeological collection is housed in the high school in the capital; the finds come from ruins near Fanari, Kampos (ancient Oinoe), Armenisti (4th and 5th c. BC tombs, temple of Artemis). One may also visit lovely Byzantine churches, monasteries and the 10th century fortress of Nikaria.

Ikaria Island - Greece
Ikaria Island - Greece A very mountainous island, it is dotted with rustic villages (Steli, Dafni) and rimmed with superb beaches (Agios Kirykos, Evdilos, Mesakti, and many others). Though Ikaria is off the beaten tracks as yet, visitors will find the facilities and roads more than adequate.


  Take the ferry to Samos from Kusadasi then take the other ferry from Vathy or Karlovassi or Pythagorion to Ikaria. (Either to Agios Krikos or to Evdilos)

-Kindly note that we cruise from Kusadasi every Monday and Tuesday to Vathy Port and
 rest of the week to Pythagorion Port of Samos Island.


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