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Port of Samos Island

The port is built in the homonymous lee bay and is considered as a National Port. The obtuse angled wharf of more than 150 meters length, has the capacity of hosting at all its sides more than 5 ships at the same time, such as passenger-car ferries -freighters, tankers, pleasure and tourist vessels, yachts, fishing boats and sailing boats.

The blackouts of the port include modern facilities which host the Harbour Master Office of Samos, the reception hall of the Customs for visitors from countries out of the European zone, the arrivals and departures terminal as well as the services of Samos Port Authorities. During the last years, a new Commercial Port is being constructed in Samos, thanks to national and EU sums, in the area of Malagari, in order to relieve the congestion at the central coast road, Themistoklis Sofoulis Ave., especially during the summer season.

At the dock of Vathy bay and along its breakwater, there is the proper infrastructure for hosting more than 80 pleasure sailing vessels and yachts, with water and electricity supply throughout the day. At the end of the coastal zone, opposite the National Bank, there is a fishing boats shelter which can host more than 50 fishing boats.

Vathy's port facilities include the installations of Nautical Club of Samos, whose activities include open sea sailing. According to the decision of the North Aegean District, there is a budget for the construction of the International Sailing Center, within the framework of the works for the 2004 Olympic Games, of 600.000 Euro total cost.


The port of Samos in Vathy, being a national port and the port of the capital of Samos Prefecture, has become a pole of tourist attraction during the last decades and a node which connects Samos with ports of the Greek mainland and the Greek islands. Thereby, Samos is daily connected, with conventional or high speed ferries, with the ports of Icaria, Cyclades and Piraeus, three times a week connected with the port of Chios and from November 1st with the port of Mytiline.

It is also connected with all the islands of the North Aegean and the Dodecanese islands once a week through the shipping route from Alexandroupoli to Rhodes, which is subsidized by the Ministry of the Aegean. Furthermore, during the summer season there is a direct connection with Thessaloniki in order to serve the hundreds of Samians as well as the friends of the Macedonian capital.

Finally, Samos is connected on a daily basis more or less throughout the year with the port of Kusadasi in Turkey with 2 Greek and 2 Turkish boats, enabling visitors to admire the ancient monuments of Ephesus.


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