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Mykanos Island


Mykanos today is one of the best known and most cosmopolitan islands in Greece. Its fame overshadows that of the other Cyclades. In antiquity, however, the exact opposite was true. Very little is known about the island's history, ad in all likelihood it played an insignificant role.

Mykanos Island - Greece
Though Mykanos was colonized by the Ionians in the 10th or 9th century, its poor contribution to the Athenian Confederacy indicates that it was neither rich nor powerful.
Mykanos Island - Greece The island had two cities in ancient times, one on the west coast near the present capital, the other in the north near Palaiokastro. Under the Ptolemies and the Romans it prospered to some degree, only to sink into obscurity once more during the Byzantine era. From 1207 to 1390, together with Tinos, it belonged to the Ghizi family and was subsequently a Venetian province.
Sacked by Barbarossa (1537) and subjugated by the Turks, its inhabitants soon turned to piracy for a livelihood. An important event in local history was the formation of the Commune of Mykoniots in 1615. From the 18th century on, the island began to flourish. It developed a distinguished merchant fleet and knew economic prosperity. Mykonos was the birthplace of the Revolutionary hero, Manto Mavrovenous. Since the 50s tourism has brought the island unprecedented wealth. Mykanos Island - Greece
Mykanos Island - Greece SIGHTSEEING

The capital lies on the west side of the island, beneath the scant remains of a Venetian fortress (Kastro). This old neighborhood claims the town's pre-eminent landmark, the Church of the Virgin Paraportiani, the most important of the island's 400 churches. Its unique architecture combines Byzantine, vernacular and Western feature.

The south part of town, with its picturesque houses and wooden balconies, is the famous "Venice of Mykonos" or Alevkantra. The main square is dominated by the Cathedral and an old Catholic church. a bit further on stand the island's trademark, the charming windmills, apparently on the site of the ancient city. The archeological museum contains finds from near-by Rheneia. Mykanos Island - Greece
Mykanos Island - Greece Also worth visiting are the Municipal Library, the Folk Museum and the recently opened Naval Museum. At Lino there is a ruined tower, while near Platys Yialos and underground cistern, known as Yiannaros' well, has been found. Ano Mera is the site of the monastery of the Virgin Tourliani, built in 1451 and restored in 1767. It is known for the sculpture decoration on its bell tower and for its Western stylistic elements.
Palaiokastro has given its name to a 17th century monastery; ruins of the old fortress can still be seen. Finds from the Archaic and Classical periods indicate that the hill behind the monastery was inhabited in antiquity, while at Panormou Bay and Mavri Spilia prehistoric remains and a vast quantity of geometric artifacts have been discovered. There is a beach on Mykonos for every taste. Mykanos Island - Greece
Mykanos Island - Greece Among the most beautiful are Kalafatis, Platys Yialos, Elia, Agia Anna, Orno, with Paradise and Super Paradise reserved for nudists. The island is amply endowed with the full range of tourist accommodation and amenities, but at the height of the season even its numerous hotels and rooms cannot begin to house the hordes of tourists attracted by its unique charm.


  Take the ferry from Kusadasi to Samos then take the other ferry from Vathy or Karlovassi to Mykanos.

-Kindly note that we cruise from Kusadasi every Monday and Tuesday to Vathy Port and
 rest of the week to Pythagorion Port of Samos Island.


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