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Some Historical Data About Samos Island

1360 BC:
Angaeus, first king of Samos. His mother was Eurynome and his father Lycurgus, and he was in Arcadia. Having gathered together large numbers of colonists from different parts of Greece, he went off to colonies Samos. He stayed for about 10 years and then accompanied the Argonauts on their expedition to Colchis.

There are many various accounts of the death of Angaeus. Some say that he returned to Samos, where he cultivated the wine and was killed by a wild boar which had entered his vineyard, and others that he was killed by robbers whom he tried to tackle.

Angaeus was succeeded by his third son, Samos, who married Parthenia and gave her name to the whole of the island. How long he lived and how he died remains unknown.

1100 BC:
The Ionians arrived on Samos. They divided the island into two parts, one called Astypalaea and the other Chesia.

1068 BC:
Androclus, who is regarded as the founder of Ephesus, on the pretext that the Samiots had protected his enemies, seized the island.

1058 BC:
Leogoras succeeded in driving out the Ephesians and in becoming king. It is unknown how long Leogoras reigned over Samos after the expulsion of Androclus, but as he was already old, it would seem that his reign was a short one. For some 400 years after Leogoras, the history of Samos is veiled impenetrable obscurity.

670 BC:
We hear of Amphicrates as king of Samos. He built up a formidable naval power and mounted an expedition against Aegina, to which he brought great devastation, but with considerable looses to himself.

He was extremely tyrannical and it would seem that it was in his time that there was an uprising of 1.000 slaves, who left the city and seized Mount Karvouni, from which they launched attaches on their masters. These attacks lasted for six years, until an agreement was signed by which the rebellious slaves were allowed to leave Samos for Ephesus.


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