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History of Samos Island - 2

    Samos During the Hellenistic and Roman Period
Samos During the Hellenistic and Roman Period During the Hellenistic period it was under the influence of the Ptolemaic Empire for a long time and its port was used as a dockyard for the fleets from Egypt and Rhodes.

In the following years, Samos, like the rest of the Greek world, is ruled by the Romans and becomes, after the final disintegration of the city-state and the Hellenistic states, a small island in the vast empire and a perfect resort for Roman officials.

Samos is chosen as a holiday resort by Antony and Cleopatra, too. Private dwellings and splendid mansions decorate the city, proving that the island never lacked craftsmen or love for beauty.

The Roman conquer brought, apart from the "Roman peace", new people, new ways of living, new gods and worship.

Hot springs, temples of Cybele, altars, offerings and lots of other monuments that are preserved, indicate the Roman presence at the island.

Christianity and the structure of the Byzantine empire give Samos a different look. The Christian monuments cover up or alter the ancient temples.

Yet, the city declines. The Persian and Arab raids force the population to retire inside the island and settle down at mountainous and, of course, fortified areas (Kastro Louloudhas, Kastro Lazarou, Kastraki, etc).

Samos During the Hellenistic and Roman Period


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