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Mytilini Palaeontological Museum

It is located n the village of Mitilinioi, (12 km from Samos town) and it is comprised of the Palaeontological and the Natural history sectors. The museum was established in 1965. It has changed location in 195 in new facilities and expanded with the Natural History sector with the financial support of the "Zimalis" institution and the European program "Leader". Mytilini Palaeontological Museum - Samos Island / Greece
Mytilini Palaeontological Museum - Samos Island / Greece The museum has to show, amongst others, the fossils of bonus from animals that lived 3,5 - 7 million years ago. They belong to middle and large size mammals and also smaller vertebrate terrestrial mammals. Most important are the fossils of Samokeros (ancient type of cattle), Samotherion, Gomphotherion, Dinotherion, Macherodon, Metelouros and large carnivorous mammals.
The exhibits come mainly from the excavations of J. Melentis that were conducted in 1963 in the area of "Adrianos" near the village of Mitilinioi. In the past, excavations were also conducted in 1832, 1885, 1887 and 1925 but the findings of these excavations were forwarded to museums like the ones in Lausanne, Verne, London, New York, Budapest, Frankfurt and elsewhere.   Mytilini Palaeontological Museum - Samos Island / Greece


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