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Karlovassi Folklore Museum

The Historical and Folklore museum of Karlovasi opened in 1994. It's exhibits cover a period that extends from 1870 until 1955 and in essence combine agricultural and urban elements.
Taking into account that Karlovasi already from the beginning of the 20th century hosted a flourishing and pioneering urban class that emerged from the establishment of tanneries and tobacco factories, while at the same the elements of agricultural culture remained alive, the visitor can see beside the loom the textiles, the kneading tub, agricultural tools, porcelain decorative objects of great value, carved mirrors, couches and impressive outfits that the ladies of the upper class used to wear. Karlovassi Folklore Museum - Samos Island / Greece
Karlovassi Folklore Museum - Samos Island / Greece   The continuous effort of the Historical and Folklore museum is to present a representative image of Samos and as well the message of the French writer Dan Franki: "... to talk to the people of yesterday mean that you love today people. Because memory is a reflection and a shadow is a projection".





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