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Charter Boat from Kusadasi to Patmos Island

Often called the "Jerusalem of the Aegean," the Island of Patmos is a much loved tourist site for it combines the charm of a Greek island with the sacredness of the Bible.

It was here that the Roman Emperor Domitian exiled the apostle John in an attempt to destroy the Christian faith. The plan failed, however, for it was while on Patmos that John strengthened the churches by writing the book of Revelation.

Experience the power of Patmos for yourself by chartering one of our ferryboats for a day trip to the Island of Patmos.

Visit the ancient cave where John received his vision of Revelation, as well as an ancient monastery that contains one of the oldest surviving copies of the Gospel of Mark.

You can either charter one of our boats to add to your itinerary or allow us to organize your entire group's tour program.




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