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Villages of Patmos

Skala is the main harbor of the island and is situated 3 km northeast of Hora. In the 17th century, the security of the island was limited because the pirates which anchored there for water supplies and repairs plundered the island for its animals. The development of the town began in the 19th century with the arrival of new inhabitants, and the area was transformed into a business and shipping center. In 1912-1948 the offices of the Italian guard, the customs office, and the post office were built.

After the liberation from the Italian occupation, Skala grew even more as new houses, hotels, and enterprises were created. The touristic growth has also been swift. On one side of the town, there is the port with its wide pier and its enchanting beach, and on the west side lies Hohlakas bay. Amongst the most important sights of the town are the ruins of the acropolis, the lovely islet Petrokaravo, and the 17th century church of Agia Paraskevi of Cavos, which is on the way to Grikos and offers a panoramic view over Skala. Near there are also the church of Panagia Koumana and the convent of Zoodochos Pigi.

If you are looking for spectacular scenery, then head on up to Kastelli, a 20-minute uphill walk from the center of Skala, where you will see a breathtaking view, especially at sunset.

A small chapel dedicated to Aghios Konstantinos is located on the summit where there are also the remains of a Hellenistic wall.

This picturesque settlement situated on the north side of the island, is 11 km from Hora. The main village is Pano Kambos with the exquisite, solemn church of the Annunciation. The Kato Kambos is a small seaside settlement of approximately 400 inhabitants. It has a verdant countryside full of orchards, pine trees, and olive groves. Its enchanting beach is a point of attraction for both inhabitants and visitors.

One can find many tavernas that offer a rich variety of food and good service. During the summer months, there is also regular boat service from and to Hora. Near Kambos there are the seaside settlements of Vagia and Livadi. One can visit the monastery of Panagia tou Apollu, the small church of Panagia tou Geranou on the Geranos hill near Vagia, and the church of St Nicholas the Evdimos, or Avdellos, one of the oldest churches on the island.

The popular summer settlement of Grikos (Agrikia=Farm /Agrikos /Grikos), is a significant point of attraction because of its long beach, crystal waters and beautiful pier. Tragonissi faces the bay, and on each side it is surrounded by two peninsulas. The transport both by land and by sea is regular. In the summer months, the area is an important touristic resort with its many pensions, hotels and tavernas which await their prospective visitors.

Chora - lovely cobbled lanes surround the fortifications of the Monastery. Patmian architecture is renowned worldwide and there are magnificent examples of 17th Century mansions with imposing facades hiding opulent interiors. Traffic is not allowed in many of the small lanes and when the monastery is floodlit at dusk, the magic of Patmos is really in evidence. Day or night, the views from the summit are awe-inspiring.

Netia and Merika are near Skala and offer many rooms for rent to visitors. And important to drives, the area contains the only petrol station on the island.

Melloi, a short distance from Skala, has a sand-and-pebble beach lined with trees, which draws basically the younger crowd. But keep in mind that Patmos is considered a sacred island and nude bathing is frowned upon.

Another fine beach is at Agriolivado a short distance from Skala. Here you will also find sand beaches lined with trees.

Lefkes is one of the island's most fertile valleys and produces much of Patmos' fruits and vegetables.

Epano Kambos has a modern large Church of the Evangelismos while Kato Kambos is perhaps the best beach on the island. Another fine beach is at Vagia.

Livadi Geranou is a barren beach and not far is the Hermitage of Apollou, the cove in which this 19th century retreat was built by a solitary monk named Apollou the First.

An hour by caique from Skala is Lambi where you will find one of the oldest churches on the island, the Church of Christos built in the 16th century.

Grikou, on the southern part of the island, has a nice beach with a beautiful bay to go with it.

One of the best beaches on Patmos is at Psiliamo, which means "fine beach". Completely a sand beach, Psiliamo also offers a small cafe-taverna so you can shade yourself.

At the Convent of Evangelismos you will see several excellent 15th and 16th century icons.

The highest mountain on Patmos is 269 meter high Mt. Profitis Elias which offers a breathtaking view.


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While following your Biblical tour program in Turkey, you may use our boats to take your group to Patmos Island for a daily trip. By chartering the boat, you may visit this holy island, tour the Monastery of St. John, The Holy Cave, and have a Mass. Private ferryboat charter service for Samos and Patmos Islands, Greece.

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