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Countryside and Beaches of Patmos

Netia - Merikas - Meloi

Setting off from Skala and heading north, you reach the nearest coastal settlement at Netia. Left from the crossroads that leads to Netia is a dirt road that goes to the beautiful beach of Merikas. From there the first turn-off takes you to the back part of the elevation of Koumana while the other ends at the bay of Aspri where in 1973 traces were found of Bronze Age settlement.
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island Right of Netia, the road leads to the bay of Meloi. The beach, which also has a camping site, is a lovely nearby refuge.

Agriolivado - Ayia Thekla
Continuing along the main road, a turn-off right leads to the quite bay of Agriolivado. It is 35 minutes from Skala on foot. The view of the island opposite, Ayia Thekla, helps complete its beautiful image.

Lefkes, with a beach of the same name, has a special, enchanting beauty. You can reach it by turning left at the intersection of the main road which goes from Skala to Kambos. The wild landscape is perfect for those seeking isolation and tranquility.
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island - Lefkes
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island - Epano Kambos Epano Kambos
The main road north takes you to the picturesque settlement of Epano Kambos, It is the island's third most populous dominated by the church of the Evangelismos. Each year on 25th March (the day the Annunciation is celebrated) and 14th August (the eve of the feast day of the Dormition of the Virgin) there is a large celebration there with local dances and music.
Kato Kambos
If you stay on the road which passes through the settlement, you will descent to the beach, to Kato Kambos, the best known and most socially active beach on the island. The calm waters of its bay are suitable, on one hand, for endless hours of swimming and games and on the other hand for the enjoyment of various kinds of sea sports (it is possible to rent equipment there.)
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island - Kato Kambos
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island And there are always tavernas around ready to offer you delicious tidbits.

Vayia - Linginos - Bay of Yeranos
A then minutes hike from the beach of Kambos takes you to the bay of Vayia. Few people go there, the water is invigoratingly clean and the smattering of trees provide its pebbled beach with shade.
Those who are not averse to walking can also visit the beach of Linginos at Leivadi, ending at the bay of Yeranos. The whole route from Vayia to Yeranos takes about 40 minutes on foot but it can be shortened if you follow the asphalt road which starts at Kambos.

The Kathisma of Apollos
Along the route going toward to hill of Yeranos you will see on your left, to the north, the picturesque Kathisma
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island of Apollos. On Yeranos hill there is a small church dedicated to the Panayia (Virgin Mary) and there is also an enchanting view from there toward the lacey shores to the west.

Leivadi ton Kaloyeron
Going toward the beach at Lambi there is a dirt road to the west which leads after a half an hour's walk to Leivadi to Kaloyeron.
This wide plain next to the sea is planted with garden vegetables. It is a site of unique natural beauty and harmony. The small chapel there has been built in the Byzantine style and is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary.

The beach at Lambi lies on the north side of the island and one can get there by turning left at the junction with
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island the asphalt road after the beach of Kambos. Once can also go there by caique from Skala (the trip takes about 1 hour). Its multicolored and unusual pebbles are a pole of attraction for a large number of its visitors who do not go there just to swim in its sparkling clean water, but also to gather up the pebbles and to create their own original collection of them. In deed, this beach could be called nothing else but Lambi ("Shinning"), as the shinning of the sun on the sea and the multicolored pebbles is
bewitching. In the same region you can also make out the ruins of an ancient settlement which was called Platys Yialos. Left of the road which leads to Lambi and behind a rocky height is the church of the Metamorphosis tou Sotiros (The Transfiguration) from the 16th century. Each year on 5th August (its feast day) the holy liturgy is performed by the abbot of the Monastery of St. John the Divine followed by a celebration at the tavernas of Kambos. There is also a church there dedicated to the Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island - Ayios Nikalaos Avdelas Panayia Parthena (The All Holy Virgin) which celebrates on 23rd August.

Ayios Nikalaos Avdelas
West of Lambi a road leads to Ayios Nikalaos to Evdilos or Avdelas. In that place lived many of the families of the artisans and master craftsmen that Hoisos Christodoulos brought to Patmos to erect the Monastery of St. John the Divine.

Following the paved coastal road south of Skala you arrive at one of the island's best known beaches, Groikos. You can also get there on the main road that passes through Chora.

Kallikatzous Rock
Heading south along the dirt road you reach a narrow
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island sandy trip of land which ends at Kallikatzous rock where the Petra hermitage is. The rock is 10m. high and has a circumference of 80m. It got its name from the birds that roost there, known as "kallikatzoudes". Its impressive outline, the carved recesses and the carved steps that lead to its top have inspired the inhabitants of the island to create a number of legends connected to it. But it is a fact that this sheer rock was used as a hermitage during the time of Hoisos Christodoulos.
Today traces are still found, most probably left by ascetics, as one can make out carved places used for shelves, the opening of an oven, a well and a pipeline for the transport of water. At the base of the rock, on its southeast side and in the sea can be seen the foundations of the church of the Panayia Fylachtomeni or Fylassousi (Our Lady the "Guardian") and column which is thought to have been the base of an altar. Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island Tragonisi
This small, uninhabited island lies opposite the Kallikatzous rock. Diakofi - Stavros - Psili Ammos
South of the bay of Petra is Diakofi, the narrowest point on the island. It is 200 meters wide and on its west side is the beautiful sand beach of Stavros. Right next to it, to the south, is Psili Ammos, a quite, large beach, of the the most beautiful on the island. You feel like you are in desert walking along its fine golden sand.
A caique, leaving from the harbor of Skala, is the only way to get there.

Alykes lies on the north end of Stavros bay. This area is where the monks collect salt and the one responsible for this work is called "alykaris" (from "alyki" which means "salty" in Greek). The kathisma of Hosios Christodoulos is also to be found there.
Countryside and Beaches of Patmos Island


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