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Villages of Samos Island - 4

Drakei Village

It is located in the northwest part of the island, southwest of Karlovassi. Its name derives from the name of its first inhabitant who was named "Drakos". This name is no longer occurring in the village.

When Samos was a Hegemony, this village joined with the neighboring village of Kallithea, constituted the Municipality of "Kalabachtasi" but later they separated into different communities. It's built on rocky, steep slopes but there's enough vegetation. The view to the sea is great especially during sunset in the summer.

Drakei Village - Samos Island Geographically it belongs to Marathokambos, the road that leads from Karlovassi to Drakei is 45 km long, it crosses almost all of Marathokambos area and passes through Kallithea. In straight line it is only 10 km away from Karlovassi but the construction of a shorter route is extremely difficult because of the rocky, steep slopes of Kerkis mountain which, in some cases, descent almost vertically towards the sea.
The inhabitants of the village have themselves requested to be part of the Karlovassi municipality with the hope that this could speed up the construction of a shorter route. They are occupied in agriculture, almost exclusively olive trees and livestock. In earlier days they were also producing charcoal. West of Drakeei, at a location called "Pyrgaki" (or small tower) which is located near the road there's a structure that is supposively a watch-out. Drakei Village - Samos Island
From this spot the islanders were watching in case the Turkish fleet or pirates were approaching Samos during the war of the Greek revolution.
Drakei Village - Samos Island From this spot the view to the north and west is uninterrupted at a great distance. The small settlement of St. Isidoros belongs to Drakei. It is built by the sea and has 11 residents. They are constructing wooden boats and their craftsmanship is reputable in all over the Aegean sea. Next to St. Isidoros is Valsamo, a splendid beach with wild beauty. There you can also find a tavern and a few rooms for rent.
Kosmadei Village

You will reach Kosmadei via a detour in the middle of the road Lekka-Kastania and after approximately 6 km. It's on the northern slopes of Fterias mountain. The first residents came from Kastania village and the name derives from it's first inhabitant who was named "Kosmas".

The inhabitants are occupied in agriculture, mainly olive trees, vineyards and livestock. In earlier days they were also producing charcoal and firewood.

By following a dirt road to the southwest of the village and after walking in a wonderful environment you will reach the Monastery of "Kakoperato" dedicated to Holly Mary. It is located on an altitude of 580 meters above sea level and continuing further this road you'll find yourselves at the beach of Seitani. It is a small monastery in a extraordinary environment and 500 meters away from it there's a cave with a small chapel in it. This area belongs to Marathokambos but it's closer and easier to reach it through Kosmadei.

The small but quite old settlement of Nikoloudes belongs to Kosmadei. It has 29 inhabitants and it is located 2 km before Kosmadei on the road that leads to the village. They are named after its first inhabitant who was named Nikolou. The name still exists in the village.

The whole area surrounding Kosmadei is very wooded and has a wonderful view.

Kastania Village

It is located four km south of Lekka at the slopes of Fterias (foothills of mountain Kerkis), midst wild vegetation. Its name derives from the many chestnuts that thrive in the area. The first inhabitants of this village are considered to have migrated here from Epirus (northwest Greece).

Kastania Village - Samos Island
Most of the inhabitants are farmers and are mainly occupied in vine cultivation. In earlier days they were also active in woodcutting. From Kastania, the road continues and leads to the road that leads to Marathokambos, at the spot where the electricity windmills are located.
Lekka Village - Samos Island Lekka Village

The village is located 5 km southwest of Karlovasi. The name derives from its first inhabitant, an Albanian named Lekka who came to Samos to escape from the persecution of the Turks sometime probably around 1715. The village has an excellent view to the northeast, you can see the valley and city of Karlovasi, the northwest

section of the Karvounis mountain in central Samos and the sea all the way to the Asia Minor coast. The residents are occupied in agriculture and especially with vineyards and olive trees. A settlement of Lekka is Agios Panteleimon with 18 residents. It is located one km north west of Lekka. It was named after its church while earlier it was named Sourleoi, from the name of its first inhabitant, named Stamoulos Sourlis. Lekka Village - Samos Island
Lekka Village - Samos Island It's a very old settlement and mentioned in the 1928 census. It's built near the Kastania torrent surrounded by high mountains and lush vegetation. One can visit Lekka and then continue on foot to visit Agios Panteleimonas. At Lekka you'll find traditional houses and a very beautiful small square with a big plane tree and old cafes. The square is like a balcony, with a nice view towards Karlovasi and the sea.


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