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How to Get to Kusadasi

The nearest airport to Kusadasi, "Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport" - amongst the most qualified airports of Turkey with its capacity and facilities, is about 80 km away from Kusadasi. Including Turkish National Airlines, many accredited international airlines have regular direct and connected flights from and to international Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

From the airport, you may reach to Kusadasi by bus from Izmir central bus station in every 30 minutes. As the airport is located outside the city, travel to bus station from the airport with luggage might be tiring. So, it is advisable to come to Kusadasi by taxi.

If you do not have a transfer arranged or come by a private car, follow the Izmir - Aydin highway direction Aydin till Torbali, then follow the Selcuk road from where you turn right to Kusadasi. On the way, you will be surprised, during this one and a half-hour's trip, to discover wild landscapes, a colorful world of flowers, cotton fields (esp. in August and September).

Inter-City: Kusadasi has bus connections with all major cities and touristic resorts of the country. They generally offer the choice of a day or night trip and a free transfer from city center to the bus station. A very comfortable and relaxing way to discover the different landscapes of the country while heading for your next stop.

Kusadasi harbor is one of the most developed on the Aegean coast and is accessible to any kind of ship. The pride of Kusadasi is that the village is being visited by the world's biggest transatlantic "Grand Princess" but also by other famous cruise ships. These ships usually sail from Venice or Piraeus.

Kusadasi is also accessible from the Greek island, Samos, daily from April 1st till October 31st (1.5 hours journey). For more information click - Ferry to Samos

Turkey has inter rail connections with many European cities. If you are coming to Kusadasi by inter-rail, your direct route will be Istanbul - Izmir, then Izmir - Selcuk. Selcuk is 20 km away from Kusadasi. You can easily reach to Kusadasi with minibuses in every 20 minutes from Selcuk bus station.

Within Kusadasi, the best way to travel is to take the "dolmus" (minibuses). From town center, you reach in minutes any direction you wish: hotels, beaches, neighboring villages. They are allowed to take up to 15 passengers and their prices are set by each municipality.


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Ferry to Samos

Ferry to Samos

Everyday ferry from Kusadasi to Samos Island. The departure time from Kusadasi is at 9 am and from Samos at 6 pm.

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