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The 18 km of road from Kusadasi to Selcuk pass through spectacular beach and mountain scenery. The pretty town Selcuk is famous with its being a fascinating mixture of all historical periods. The strategic location of Selcuk has provided to be a popular place to settle down during the centuries. The name "Selcuk" comes from the Turkish tribes settled in the region by the 12th century.

Selcuk has been reputed well for its closeness to the ancient Ephesus, Virgin Mary's House and Seljukian works of art. Besides the historical richness around the area, Selcuk is worth-seeing with the places of superb natural beauty surrounding the town. The Sirince Village is the one that attracts every visitors with its spectacular view from a mountain in the 8km east of Selcuk. The beach of "Pamucak" is also of interest, 9km away from the town. A very nice jogging road covered by the old raspberry trees just in the entrance of Selcuk, also makes an impressive setting and an ideal location for relaxation.

Selcuk is rich and famous with the lively festivals scattered almost in every seasons. The Ephesus International Festival, held in May; The Camel Wrestling Festival, performed in the third weekend of January lasting in one day, attract both participants and visitors. Also the Rite ceremonies at the Virgin Mary are held every year on the 15th of August from 10:00 in the morning.

There are many good buys in the charming boutiques and colorful bazaars situated in the picturesque narrow, winding streets of the town. Also the town market on Saturdays offer an enjoying shopping to the visitors with the great variety of food and textile. Relaxing with a delicious meal in an inviting restaurant is a popular way to spend the evening hours in Selcuk. Visitors may sample the famous "chop-shish" a meat variety, or classical Turkish cuisine. Selcuk is also serving with its good and clean accommodations, suitable for all visitors.

Finally, it is guaranteed that the hospitable people of Selcuk will make your holiday comfortable and enjoyable.



Motorway: As the town on Aydin - Izmir highway, there are direct links to the cities in the western and middle Anatolia as well as the touristic towns by buses. Minibuses to the nearby places from Selcuk, are also on service from the bus terminal. Izmir the third biggest city of Turkey, is 75 km away from the town and buses are available in every 15 minutes. Touristic seaside town, Kusadasi, is 18 km away and can be reached by the minibuses in every 15 minutes.

Airway: Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 60km away from Selcuk, where national and international flights are performed. Also Ephesus Airport is approximately 3km far from Selcuk. The airport is for small planes and short distance flights such as Bodrum, Izmir and Istanbul are performed. Ephesus Airport is also giving pilotage and parachuting training as an alternative facility.

Seaway: The town is 20km away from Kusadasi Harbor and 75km away from Izmir Harbor.

Railway: Trains are running to Selcuk - Izmir and Selcuk - Denizli (Pamukkale) on certain hours.



The Basilica of Saint John
The church is constructed in the burial place of St. John the Divine. Then, the original mausoleum is changed into a marvelous Basilica during the reign of Justinianus 1. (527-565AD) The church is destroyed by the serious earthquakes, so some artifacts of the church has still hidden in the dark, and some parts of the criss-cross planned construction has been repaired carefully.

The monograms Justinianus 1 and his wife Theodora strike on some capital of columns. "The Gate of Persecution" is the entrance of the Basilica. It takes its name from a relief displaying Archilles dragging the dead body of Hector.

Isa Bey Mosque
Isa Bey Mosque is one of the most delicate examples of Seljukian architecture, situated below the Basilica of St. John. It was constructed between the years of 1374 and 1375. An inscription from the God decorates the doorway.

The mosque is built by the master builder Ali, son of Mushimish al-Damishki. Crown-like doors from the Seljukian architectural style, later combine with the decoration elements of Ottoman style. The influential details including the plant motifs and the beautiful marble workmanship with the variety of faience mosaics create the marvelous atmosphere of Isa Bey Mosque. Some parts of the mosque is repaired in 1934.

The Citadel of Ayasoluk
It is built in the Byzantine period and expanded by the Seljukians. The citadel has 15 towers approximately in the length of 1.5 km and surrounded by the stone ramparts. The citadel also includes the remains of a Byzantine church, a small mosque and several water cisterns.

The Selcuk Archeological Museum
Housing some very important artifacts from around the region, Archeological Museum offers a glimpse of the areas rich history. The two statues of Artemis, a tableau of Odysseus blinding the Cyclops, erotic statues from Ephesus brothels and exquisite statue of a boy riding a dolphin are the most admired pieces in the Ephesus Museum.

Turkish Bath Museum
Dating back to 16th century, it reveals Turkish life at the hamam and exemplifies the best of Seljukian architecture. The museum is located at the backside of the courtyard of The Selcuk Archeological Museum.

Once the commercial center of the ancient world, Ephesus is a must see in your any trip to Turkey. The extensive remaining reveal the city's former importance and attract throngs of visitors every year. Also the Cave of Seven Sleepers, where legendary seven young men had slept for about two hundred years, is located in the area of Ephesus.

The Temple of Artemis
It is one of the highlights of ancient sites in Turkey, that is once considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The main part of the temple is displaying in the British Museum of London today, but only the foundation part and some columns are enough to prove its former magnificence.

The House of Virgin Mary
It is a popular place of pilgrimage for Catholics, where Virgin Mary spends the rest of her life and dies. Located on top of Bulbul Mountain, it also gives the visitors a panoramic view over the town.

Belevi Mausoleum
After the Mausoleum of Hallicarnassos-one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Belevi Mausoleum is considered to be the largest tomb of the ancient Anatolia. The total height of the tomb is approximately 23 meters except the roof part. The exact size of the tomb is not certain, as the whole roof has not been unearthed yet. The lion and griffon statues, on top of the roof are now displaying in the Ephesus and Izmir Museums. Dating back to the Hellenistic Age, Belevi Mausoleum is worth seeing with its impressive architectural ornaments as well as the Corinth heads.

Sirince Village
It is a pretty authentic village, with a panoramic view and breezing air. A narrow mountain road with the gardens of peach and grape vines reaches to Sirince Village. The typical village houses decorated traditionally, attract all visitors.

Camlik Train Museum
Camlik, housing a TCDD open-air Steam Locomotives Museum, is set in idyllic natural surroundings, inside the pine trees. The area is also an ideal place for relaxation.


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