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Aydin, as the capital city of Kusadasi, is situated on the western side of Turkey and about 65km east from Kusadasi. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Mountain Samsun, the area around Aydin is also rich in culture and history.

It was at the center of a celebrated school of sculpture, and the city was called as Tralleis in ancient times. Many ruins around the city center date from 2Ad. Also, Aydin includes important historical sites within its borders. Priene, Miletos, Didyma, Aphrodisias and Heraclea are the principles attracted by throngs of visitors every year.

After the year of 1186, Aydin was ruled by Seljukians. The effect of Seljukians have widely reflected the architectural style of the city during that time. The local museum of Aydin is a good guide for visitors, displaying artifacts from the different periods of history.

Aydin also reputes wide spread for its fine figs. A variety of fruits & vegetables is grown on the fertile lands of the Aydin. Environs of Aydin have been a stage to many civilizations, so the city is rich in folklore and legends. "Zeybek" is the traditional play of Aydin and around, played with the groups of two, four, six or nine.

"Zeybek" can be played with music or not, alternatively in slow and faster version. The man player of "Zeybek" is called Efe, a special name given to the courageous men in the area. The traditional cloth of "Zeybek" consist of a tasseled fes ornamented by flowers, striped wadded jacket. Knitted belt on the waist and gaiter on the calf are the accessories of the traditional clothes of Efe.

Aydin enjoys a reputation for its mineral springs and spas that are serving with their varied curing and healing properties. Aydin spa is the most famous one, having two close and one open pools. The temperature is about 31C.There are also different spas in Imamkoy, Germencik and Alangullu, around the province of Aydin.







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