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Camlik Locomotive Museum

Camlik Locomotive Museum - Selcuk Camlik museum offers a very good collection of the main TCDD steam motive powers. The selection includes almost all the steam engine types used by TCDD since World War II (there are no diesel or electric engines). The engines are in static display in fair outside condition, buck lacking some internal parts.
A few of them use to be in working condition when they joined the museum. Now the weather is taking its toll and despite the efforts of the keepers, the engines are slowly rusting away. All the engines carry an identification plate in English. A nice feature: children and grown ups can climb on all the engines and get a feeling from the cab or the running boards. Camlik Locomotive Museum - Selcuk
Camlik Locomotive Museum - Selcuk Climbing is done using the engine ladders, so flex your muscles and beware not to fall! Feel free also to take pictures. The engines are sufficiently spaced to allow the photographers to find some nice angles. Also, until now, the museum had no souvenir shop. It only sells a very small leaflet showing colored picture of some of the engines and some postcards.
The museum has also lots of railway items ranging from the engine shed, the turntable to cranes, fountain and tools and lamps (see list below). A room next to the shed displays a large collection of Ataturk's photograph, some of them reminding us that Ataturk's was a great railway traveler.




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