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Iasos As one of the most important site of the region of Caria, the history of Iasos dates back to 3000BC. Once situated on an island, the city is now joined to the mainland, creating a peninsula. The people of Iasos were mostly getting their earns from fishing, which is also exactly the same, today. Apollo and Artemis were the protecting god & goddess of Iasos.
Bathing of the boys in the sea after the tiring training in gymnasium was a tradition in Iasos. Interestingly, while they were bathing, a dolphin was continuously taking one boy to the far and bringing him back later to the shore. Then, Alexander the Great took the boy for making him the priest Poseidon in Babil. Iasos
Iasos Consequently, the boy on a dolphin was represented on the coins of 3rd century BC, due to its great influence on the people of Iasos. Apart from the well-preserved agora, bouleterion, theatre and The Temple of Artemision Astias (dedicated to the Goddess Artemis), "Fish Market" - a funerary monument in the form of a Corinth temple, is the most impressive construction dating from the Roman period.
It is located inside the courtyard and consisted of four columns on the forth side. "Fish Market" was restored to be used as an open air museum in 1995. The excavations in Iasos started by an Italian team in the head of Prof. Dr. Doro Levi in 1960, and continued by Dr. Fede Berti until today.   Iasos






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