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Once located 3 km north of Kusadasi, Phygale was known as one of the oldest settlements in the area. Two different points of view arise about the foundation of Phygale. For some archeologists, the town was established by the Lelegians who moved from central Anatolia to the west.

On the other hand famous historian Strabon cited that Agamemnon - King of Argos, was the establisher of Phygale. According to Strabon, the city of Phygale was used as a safety place for curing the wounded soldiers of Agamemnon and for repairing the boats during the Trojan War. Strabon also mentions about a temple dedicated to the Goddess of the Moon, named Mumkia in Phygale.

An illness that affected the Agamemnon's forces is the main inspiration of the name Phygale. Years later, the city became a treatment and entertainment center during the reign of Alexander the Great.

By the recent excavations, numerous remaining and ceramics have been revealed and are displayed in Aydin Museum. The city walls, foundation remains of houses and the remains of the harbor may be noticed scarcely and partially, as the area has not been excavated totally.
















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