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Teos Ancient City

Teos Established early in the 1st millennium BC, ancient Teos, was a state of the Ionian Confederacy. The city lay over a hill that was to be the acropolis and extends to the south of the hill, where a harbor was located. Teos was mentioned to have two harbors; the harbor to the south is the main harbor, and at the head of a little road, is the second harbor, located to the north- about a mile from the first.
Near the south harbor, which was protected by a mole, the remains of a small Ionic temple were unearthed in the supervision of the French team. The 2nd century BC theatre, still stands with the remains of the skene and cavea, on the south site of the acropolis hill. The Hellenistic walls were constructed to protect the lower city to the south. Teos
Teos Also some square towers dating from the Hellenistic era, are expressed in the southwest part of the walls. Built by the architect Hermogenes, The Temple of Dionysus is located in the western part of the lower city, against the walls. Also described by Vitruvius, it was constructed early in the 2nd century BC.
0The temple was consecrated to the cult of Tiberius during the Roman period and it was completed during Hadrian's reign in the 2nd century AD. The temple was excavated by a team of the University of Ankara.   Teos






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