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It was a Carian city close to the religious center Labranda. King Mausolus was born in this city who later on made it the capital during his reign.

In the 1st century a scaled-down replica was built by the Romans in Mylasa which was located on the western edge of the city. There are the relics of Mentes Turks 2 km away from Milas to the south.

This area has ruins from the Turkish governors of old Milas like Pecin Kale, Orhan Bey Mosque dating back to 1330, Ulu Cami dating back to 1378 and Firuz Bey Mosque dating back to 1394.

There is a sacred road between Mylasa and Labranda which is a 12km long road used for religious purposes. There is a sacred pool of fish in Labranda which were believed to be able to make predictions by accepting or refusing food given to them after asking the question.


















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